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Naperville IL


The 220,000 SF Heart Hospital on the campus of Edward Hospital is the first heart hospital designed and constructed in Illinois and the second nationally. Anticipated to be vertically expanded during the planning phase of the original Heart Hospital, the additional floors became necessary as a result of increased patient volumes and the success of the program. A dramatic curved entrance lobby, exterior garden and fountain provide a welcoming spirit for visitors and a natural landscape affecting patient outcomes. The facility integrates cardiovascular services and physician practice settings with hospital operations and clinics. The 7-story hospital accommodates a 7-bed CCU, four 28-bed and 15-bed private inpatient units. Advanced methods in the delivery of healthcare were introduced into the design, supporting both operational and physical facilities. The Center for Health Design, Pebble Partner facility focused on providing family amenities such as enlarged patient rooms for overnight stays, convenient family nourishment centers and electronic work stations both in the patient room and nearby for a respite from the patient care area. The Family/Staff work area for consultations is large enough for relaxation near the patient room without being too far away. This area has also become a performance space for small orchestral groups which provide a backdrop of soothing music as part of the healing process. The building won the Healthcare Environment Award presented by Contract Magazine/CHD for Acute Care Facilities and continues to provide quality care for all patients and families.


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